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What does it mean to hire a board-certified attorney?

An accident with a gigantic semi-truck can be frightening. It can change someone's life in mere seconds. After such an accident, families only want to focus on recovering - not negotiating with big insurance companies and trucking companies for the compensation they deserve.

Semi Truck Crash in Buncombe County

Errors and poor vehicle maintenance are top accident causes

Trucking accidents that occur in North Carolina and across the country often have more serious consequences than other motor vehicle accidents. This is because commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds while the average motor vehicle weighs 4,000 pounds. Trucking accidents may occur for many reasons; understanding these reasons and how to navigate them may help drivers avoid accidents.

Tractor Trailer Crash on I-26

Firefighter Struck and Killed by Semi Truck

Study ranks truckers among most sleep-deprived workers in U.S.

Sleep deprivation affects many truckers in North Carolina and across the U.S. In fact, a Ball State University study that involved over 150,000 working adults found that 41% of those in the transportation and material moving industry get inadequate sleep: that is, less than seven hours a night. This put truckers near the top of professions with the most sleep-deprived workers.

AEB may become mandatory on trucks if new bill is passed

Automatic emergency braking, a safety feature that can apply the brakes for drivers in times of emergency, may become mandatory on all new commercial motor vehicles. Truckers in North Carolina should know that a bill, H.R. 3773, was introduced on July 16 that would mandate AEB use if passed. It is called the Safe Roads Act of 2019.

DOT hours of service rules to be relaxed

The number of commercial vehicles involved in fatal accidents in North Carolina and around the country rose by a worrying 10% in 2017, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures, and 83% of the 4,237 deadly crashes occurred between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Accident investigators only determined that 60 of the truck drivers involved were asleep or dangerously fatigued when they crashed, but the NHTSA believes that drowsy driving is an underreported problem in the logistics sector.

Operation Safe Driver Week cracks down on speeders, other drivers

Operation Safe Driver Week is an annual event that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds in the effort to reduce car crash numbers. For one week out of the year, police in North Carolina and across the U.S. as well as Canada intensify their enforcement of traffic laws. For 2019, the event will be held from July 14 to 20.

Lack of action continues as fatal semi-truck accidents spike

All it takes is one instance of not being alert or attentive for driving to become less safe for North Carolina motorists sharing the road with large semi-trucks. This is what happened with one semi-truck driver who was staring at his tablet computer when his truck collided with a mid-size car and claimed four lives. In 2017 alone, more than 4,000 lives were lost as a result of large truck crashes. As these figures remain on the rise, no significant widespread action has been taken to stop this trend.

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