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NHTSA urged to mandate crash avoidance systems for large trucks

Truck accident fatalities around the country rose by an alarming 28 percent to more than 4,300 in 2016 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration figures. This surge in semi-tractor trailer crash deaths has prompted the National Transportation Safety Board and road safety advocacy groups to urge the agency to make forward collision avoidance systems mandated safety equipment on all large trucks driven in North Carolina and elsewhere. The NTSB has made similar requests to the NHTSA on at least 10 occasions since the technology was developed in the late 1990s.

Overturned Semi Truck in Buncombe County

Study ranks the most and least safe states for work trucks

A recent study from Verizon Connect, a fleet management systems provider, has ranked the states based on how safe they are for work truck drivers. North Carolina residents should know that this state is neither in the top 10 nor the bottom 10: nonetheless, it has been determined that the East Coast is by far the safest region for those in the trucking industry.

CVSA focusing on brake issues in inspection week

North Carolina drivers who have been on the road with large trucks might agree that these larger vehicles can be intimidating. One issue that can be dangerous for everyone on the road is brake failure or related problems. With this concern in mind, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds an annual brake inspection week.

Authorities on the lookout for tired drivers

Hours-of-service compliance was a major focus during the most recent International Roadcheck event conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. Roughly 33,000 such violations were issued during the event in 2017. According to safety advocates, drivers in North Carolina may not be as effective behind the wheel if they are tired.

Report offers insight into large truck accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released its final 2016 Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts report. The final numbers went public in May 2018, which was about a year after preliminary data was released. According to the report, large truck fatal crashes were up 3 percent over the previous year. There was no North Carolina-specific information released. While the number of fatal large truck crashes increased, the large-truck involvement rate remained steady.

Operation Safe Driver Week coming in July

North Carolina drivers should be aware that Operation Safe Driver Week is scheduled to take place the week of July 15-21. During the initiative, which is organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, law enforcement agencies will focus on preventing unsafe driving behaviors by the operators of both passenger and commercial vehicles.

National Safety Council hopes to eliminate traffic deaths

In the 1950s, it seemed unlikely that the United States could send an astronaut to the moon. However, the country's best scientists banded together to make it happen. The CEO of the National Safety Council referenced that great achievement when announcing the organization's new plan to eliminate all traffic deaths throughout the country, including in North Carolina, by 2050.

Sleep apnea exam rules challenged in court

For drivers in North Carolina, trucking accidents can be a major worry: These kinds of crashes can lead to devastating serious personal injuries as well as major property damage. One of the biggest concerns about truck driving safety is the danger posed by drowsy drivers who lose attention and control behind the wheel. However, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has filed a motion for a federal appeals court to rehear its claim that sleep apnea guidelines for screening truck drivers were illegally altered.

Injury Crash Involving Big Rig Near Swannanoa

Last week, there was an injury crash involving a station wagon and a semi truck near Swannanoa. According to WLOS ABC News Channel 13, the wreck happened on U.S. 70 at about 12:30 p.m. Although very little information about this incident has been released, initial reports indicate that the station wagon travelled from the eastbound lane into the westbound lane. The two vehicles collided, and there was significant damage to the smaller passenger occupant vehicle.

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