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Teens may benefit from realistic drivers' ed programs

Teen drivers in North Carolina and other states are often considered to be the ones who are more likely to take risks while behind the wheel. According to results from a university study, a realistic supplemental drivers' education program that includes emergency room, ICU and morgue visits may boost awareness of risky driving behaviors among younger drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the leading cause of accidental teen deaths are motor vehicle collisions.

The supplemental risk reduction program referenced in the study included nearly two dozen teens referred by the courts or their parents because of instances of risky driving. During the six-hour program, participants received firsthand accounts of health care professionals' experiences with victims of car accidents, watched videos, toured various areas of a hospital and formed safe driving plans with their parents that included written contracts.

Florence Impacts Roadways in Western North Carolina

Driving through the floods in hurricane season

The Carolinas got hit hard by Hurricane Florence and are beginning to recover from the excessive flooding in their towns. Unfortunately, if 2017 was any indicator, North Carolina’s residents know that this might not be the only hurricane that they experience this year. Even if the state gets lucky for the rest of 2018, there is no guarantee safer weather in 2019.

Regardless of what happens, our state is highly vulnerable to flooding around this time of year. Whether you are trying to get out of your city or go back to your house, you need to know the proper precautions to take before you get on the road. Just one mistake could result in death by drowning, electrocution or the blunt force of a falling object.

NHTSA's Upcoming Child Passenger Safety Week

Teens Injured in Crash on US 64

Overturned Tractor-Trailer in Rutherford County

Roundabouts may make rural intersections safer in North Carolina

Two-lane rural highways in North Carolina can be dangerous, especially at intersections. This was certainly true at one high-speed spot where only a stop sign was in place to manage traffic flow. Following a fatal accident, the Department of Transportation cleared vegetation and installed signs letting drivers know about the upcoming stop. Despite such efforts, there were two more serious accidents at the same interaction. The solution that ended up producing noticeable results was the installation of a rural roundabout, which forces traffic to flow in one direction around a central island.

Roundabouts don't necessarily reduce the amount of car accidents at an intersection like traffic lights do. However, accidents at rural roundabouts are less likely to result in fatalities, and injuries tend to be minor. This is because drivers only need to look to their left to determine if it's safe to continue. It cost the state about $1 million to install the roundabout at that one problem intersection although potential savings from injury and accident costs could be twice this amount.

Distracted Driving Big Rig Crash in Polk County

Horses Killed in Henderson County Crash

Truck Driver Charged with DWI Twice in Five Hours

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