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School Bus Crash in Polk County

Roadside Worker Injured on I-40

Operation Safe Driver Week cracks down on speeders, other drivers

Operation Safe Driver Week is an annual event that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds in the effort to reduce car crash numbers. For one week out of the year, police in North Carolina and across the U.S. as well as Canada intensify their enforcement of traffic laws. For 2019, the event will be held from July 14 to 20.

Both passenger vehicle and commercial vehicle drivers will want to take note. Police will be checking for any signs of negligent driving, including distracted, drunk and drugged driving. They will also stop drivers who make improper lane changes, do not wear their seatbelt, do not obey traffic control devices, fail to keep a safe distance from vehicles and so on. Above all, though, they will be checking for speeders.

Multi Vehicle Crash in Buncombe County

Six tips to safely share the road with semi-trucks

If you commute into Asheville, you probably see semi-trucks on the road every day. It is nearly impossible to drive on the freeway without having to contend with them. Trucking is a dangerous business, and most semi-truck accidents involve smaller cars. These are six quick tips to help you stay safe when sharing the road with big rigs.


Semi Truck Crash on I-40 in McDowell County

Drivers continue to text, email behind the wheel

Many people in North Carolina are fully aware of the dangers of distracted driving. Increased law enforcement activity and public awareness campaigns have highlighted the fact that thousands of serious or even deadly car accidents are caused every year by people whose minds are not on the road in front of them. Distracted driving has emerged as a major hazard since smartphones have become nearly ubiquitous. When roads are slow, traffic is heavy or red lights are long, people may be tempted to reach over to their mobile devices for interaction or entertainment.

However, the results of that choice can be devastating. Texting while driving is so dangerous because people are not only not paying attention to the road ahead, but they're also taking their hands off the wheel as well as their eyes off the road. While driving 55 miles per hour on the highway, individuals may travel the length of a football field without even watching the road ahead. Any unexpected stops or obstacles could lead to a catastrophic motor vehicle collision. Distracted driving isn't limited to texting, of course. People who responded to one survey on the topic reported being distracted by group chats on messenger applications, streaming videos like online TV shows or social media posts while behind the wheel.

Tractor Trailer Crash on I-26

Tanker Truck Crash in Waynesville

Rollover Crash in Swannanoa

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