What Causes Truck Accidents?

The actual cause of a truck accident is not always immediately apparent. Often, it takes an experienced litigator, teamed up with experts and others, to perform an in-depth investigation into the truck accident to determine cause and liability.

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Common Causes Of Commercial Truck Accidents

Generally, truck accidents can be caused due to negligence or inaction on the part of a truck driver, trucking company, shipping company, truck manufacturer or any other party that has some level of responsibility with relationship to the driver or the truck. Most often, truck crashes occur due to:

  • Truck driver fatigue caused by driving too far for too many hours
  • Truck driver's use of drugs or alcohol
  • Truck driver negligence, including aggressive driving
  • Trucking company negligence, including inadequate training or safety procedures
  • Unsecured loads or overloaded trucks, including unbalanced loads
  • Poor truck maintenance or repair, including overdue maintenance
  • Defective equipment or truck parts, including defective brakes
  • Defective or hazardous roadways

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