The Help You Need After A Truck Accident

Any motor vehicle accident can be serious, but accidents involving semitrucks and other big rigs have a greater likelihood of causing significant damage and severe injuries, especially to people in passenger vehicles. Trucking companies also have to follow special rules and regulations that apply to their drivers, and violations of these regulations often lead to accidents.

Given all of this, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. At Davis Law Group, P.A., in Asheville, North Carolina, our attorney offers victims of truck accidents and their families a source of comfort, and an experienced advocate for their legal rights. There is a lot to do after an accident. The sooner you get a lawyer involved in the process, the better. Contact our firm as soon as possible after a tractor-trailer wreck and speak with attorney Brian Davis about your accident.

Do Not Let The Truck Company Take Advantage Of You

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers will attempt to mitigate damages or deny claims by shifting blame for truck accidents to the other parties. Or, truck companies may attempt to settle for a much lower amount than victims deserve and will often try to convince victims to give up their rights to pursue compensation in a court of law.

A tactic that truck companies and their insurers frequently use is trying to explain why a victim does not need to hire an attorney to help in his or her case. The reason most often used to justify not hiring a personal injury attorney is that the victim is just going to be giving up part of his or her settlement money. The truck company and its insurer know that if an experienced truck injury lawyer gets involved, then the value of an injury claim will probably multiply. The truck company will also often tell the victim that an attorney will just cause the settlement to be delayed.

These are scare tactics, plain and simple. You should not be intimidated by what the truck company or its insurance adjuster tells you. Instead, consult with an experienced truck accident attorney to learn your rights and evaluate your options.

We Have The Resources To Effectively Pursue Your Claim

Many of the clients who we talk with are concerned about having enough money to pay for medical bills and other expenses, especially if they are unable to return to work. They are also concerned about how much it will take to pursue claims against the trucking companies that are responsible for those accidents. Trucking accident cases are expensive to handle because of the need to retain experts early in the legal process to maximize the value of your case. Some law firms require clients to pay these costs as the case moves forward.

At Davis Law Group, we believe in easing the financial burden on clients who are already dealing with tremendous stress, pain and anxiety. We take cases on a contingency basis, which means that we will take care of all legal costs and you will not pay us anything unless we obtain money for you. Our firm also has the resources necessary to thoroughly investigate your accident, and routinely works with experts from a variety of areas, including accident reconstructionists, truck safety experts, life care planners, vocational rehabilitation consultants, economic experts and many others. We know what needs to be done to position your case in the best possible light. We do not cut corners, and we do not leave any stones unturned.

ABC News Features North Carolina Truck Accident Case To Illustrate Truck Industry Abuses

On October 13, 2005, a young man rode his bicycle on the side of a rural North Carolina highway from his cousin's house back to his own home. At the same time, a truck driver had been driving his tractor-trailer for 23 hours in a row and was heading back to the truck terminal. As the trucker came up from behind the bicyclist at 73 mph, he didn't see the bicycle or rider until the last second. The collision killed the young man on the bicycle, and then the truck company cover-up began. Because of the cover-up, no criminal charges were filed, but a relative decided to go undercover and work for the truck company. The hidden evidence he discovered became the foundation of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Channel 11 ABC Eyewitness News (WTVD) decided to run a feature story about this case because of the disturbing evidence truck accident attorney Brian Davis discovered during the litigation of this case. Click here to view the ABC News Video and see how greed and big business drove one North Carolina truck company to ignore the law and the safety of the general public.

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