Cruise Ship Accidents

Cruise Ship Accidents Cruise Ship Accidents

Many American families now vacation by taking a cruise on one of the many huge ships that claim to be a city on the sea. While these gigantic floating cities can offer lots of fun and good times for individuals and families, they can also present many of the dangers you find in any big city like New York, Miami or Chicago and a number of dangers that are unique to cruise ships. Each year, hundreds of cruise ship passengers suffer serious and debilitating injuries while at sea. These injuries occur in a wide variety of ways, including slip, trips and falls, as well as sexual assaults, and substandard medical care. On average, 10 people die each year on cruise ships due to so called "operational incidents," which are basically mishaps like fires, explosions, collisions and technical failures.

Many of the people who suffer injury while on a cruise wait too long to present their claim, and their claim ends up dying. As a result, many of those injured on cruise ships receive no compensation for their injuries that were caused by the cruise ship's negligence or recklessness. The standard two- or three-year Statute of Limitations which impose hard deadlines in injury cases often do not apply to cruise ship injuries.

One of the keys to a successful cruise ship injury claim is that the injured person must act fast and immediately hire an experienced cruise ship attorney. In many cases, the cruise ship ticket will contractually limit the time for filing a cruise ship injury claim. At Davis Law Group, we have the knowledge to help cruise ship passengers recover fair compensation for the injuries they suffered at sea. The attorneys at Davis Law Group understand the complexities presented by cruise ship injury claims, and we guide injured passengers through the maze of legal pitfalls that have to be avoided in these cases.

Many cruise ships have charters based in the state of Florida, but that does not necessarily mean that your case has to be filed in Florida. Often, there is a better venue for your case than Florida Federal Court.

Analyzing which laws apply to your claim can be challenging. When you are seriously hurt on a cruise ship, you need an experienced lawyer with strong knowledge of maritime law as well as state and federal laws to figure out the best path for your case. At Davis Law Group, our cruise ship team has the maritime and trial experience to put your case on the right road and get you the compensation you deserve.