Review by Pat H. - March 4, 2014:

From the onset, it was apparent that we had made a good choice to seek out Brian Davis, and the Davis Law Group to represent us in our product liability law suit. As work progressed on our case, we only became more convinced that we could not have found better representation.

Brian was easy and straightforward to work with. I can honestly say that no question was ever left unanswered, and all phone calls were either immediately answered or returned very promptly. His matter-of-fact manner went a long way in calming any concerns, and his professionalism made even the most difficult discussions easier. Brian made sure that we were well prepared for all legal participation on our part, kept us apprised of future events we could expect, and easily earned our complete confidence. We have no doubt that our representation by Brian brought an outcome no other firm could have surpassed.

We highly recommend Brian and Davis Law Group without any hesitation. It has truly been our good fortune to work with them.

Review by Jeff F. - February 11, 2014:

When my wife and daughter we hurt in a car accident, the insurance company started playing games almost immediately. After asking some of my friends in law enforcement which lawyer I should call, Brian Davis' name kept coming up. I'm very glad that I followed my friends' advice because Brian & his staff were wonderful to work with and did a great job for my family. My wife & daughter's medical treatment took over a year to finish, but Brian and his staff stayed on top of the details, and in the end they got a fair settlement from the insurance company. I'm very glad that Brian was on our side. Brian, Kristy, and Mandy are all easy to work with and definitely went the extra mile for us.

Review by Crystal F. - February 9, 2014:

After a careless man crashed into my mini-van, I didn't know what to do. The insurance company was not treating us fair, so I called attorney Brian Davis after researching lawyers on the internet. I'm very glad that I did. His advice was dead on and he got us a great result, both for me and for my daughter. We had to go to court on my daughter's case, but that turned out well too. Brian is very good at explaining what's happening in words that make sense to a non-lawyer, and he doesn't make you feel like he's talking down to you either. I really appreciate that he takes the time to explain not only what's happening at the present but what is going to happen down the road. I would definitely recommend him and his firm.

Review by Marlin A. - February 7, 2014:

I want to thank Brian. He has been a great attorney and was always on top of my case. I received a much larger settlement than expected and am thankful for that. I had numerous problems with a relative interfering with my case, and Brian was always willing to talk with me and help me decide what to do. He never made me feel rushed or that I was being a problem. He, Kristy and Mandy did a great job.

Review by Diane S. - December 13, 2013:

When our car was rear-ended at a traffic light, we were taken to the hospital in a world of pain. When I was released days later, there were many solicitations from lawyers who wanted to handle our insurance cases, but we didn't choose any of them; instead, we contacted the Davis Law Group, P.A., and we were happy that we did. Brian Davis listened compassionately, suggested professional health providers, outlined the steps in our cases, was available by phone and email for all questions that we had, and always acted with integrity. He limits his cases to what he and his staff of very capable assistants, Kristy and Mandy, can handle, and they moved our cases through the confusing insurance system maze quickly and professionally, guiding us each step of the way. We are pleased with the settlements Brian negotiated, and relieved that we could avoid going to court. We were surprised at how Brian was able to take the worry off of our shoulders and handle the many details of the case while we worked on our recovery. We are extremely thankful for his help, and highly and unconditionally would recommend the Davis Law Group, P.A. to our friends and neighbors who may need his skilled legal assistance. He looks you in the eye and does what he says he will do!

Review by April M. - October 9, 2013:

A car accident is really just that - an accident. No one plans for it, it's completely unexpected. For me, the effects of my car accident are something that I will deal with for the rest of my life. The fact that I had an injury from my accident was incredibly frustrating and made me angry. Every day I hurt and relived the accident, I didn't get any results from the treatment I was receiving and I was so upset every time I would have to talk to the other insurance company about my medical treatment. I finally realized I didn't have to go through this situation alone, and I could get help - professional help. It was the best decision I could have made and I wish I had done it sooner! I picked up my phone and called Brian Davis at the Davis Law Group.

From the first day speaking with Brian Davis and the staff at Davis Law Group, I felt like I had someone on my side, and someone who I could trust to help me. They are intelligent and actually listened to me about my pain and issues from the accident. Instead of dreading my calls to the insurance company, I could talk to people who wanted to help me. I am so thankful that I called Davis Law Group to help me after my car accident. I received a great settlement due to all of Brian's and the staff's hard work. They exceeded all of my expectations.

Review by Joe H. - September 26, 2013:

Davis Law Group represented me in the most excellent way. I was paralyzed when a truck I was riding in ran off the road and hit a tree. Brian knew how much my case meant and worked so hard to make sure it went my way. DLG was always courteous and professional to me and my family. Brian always accommodated and respected my needs during our times together. Brian and his group went above and beyond what I thought lawyers did for their clients. I recommend this group 100%.-

Review by Brian T.

Brian was very compassionate and helpful during a scary and painful time for our family. He helped guide us through some unknown territory and we trusted his advice. He was very professional and easy to work with and he and his staff were very responsive. He got us a very positive settlement and made the whole process really easy for us.

Review by Pam R. - August 22, 2010:

Davis Law Group is the exception. Professionalism, experience, and expertise are provided with refreshing respect and responsiveness.

As an experienced business woman, I have sought legal counsel many times through the years for both business needs and help with various cases of personal injury and damages. With other law firms, I have repeatedly been surprised with high fees without the provision of timely availability and attention from other attorneys and their staff. Just trying to make an appointment can take time and effort. Once a relationship is established, reaching attorneys for important questions and having them return calls can be extremely frustrating. Unfortunately, it seemed the better the attorney, the more likely these frustrations are experienced.

In contrast, I have never encountered a firm that is as professional as the Davis Law Group. Their experience, expertise and desire to meet your needs are evident with the first meeting. Mr. Davis is attentive and thorough to assure his understanding to maximize your case, helping you feel confident you've chosen the best possible representation.

This is evident in the written commitment to their clients on their website, and will be evident in your first meeting. In addition to feeling you've chosen the best representation, the staff is helpful, courteous and relays messages in a very timely manner. Calls are returned quickly, as if each call is a priority. Questions are thoroughly addressed. These basic courtesies should not have to be sacrificed to obtain the best legal representation. With Davis Law Group, you have the best of both.

My experience gives this firm the highest recommendation.

Review by Bethany S. - August 19, 2010:

A firm you can trust.‎‎

When I had my accident in October of 2009 I had no idea where to turn when it came to dealing with the insurance company. Brian and his staff have made my road to recovery so much easier and less stressful than it could have been. They have been a reliable and trustworthy source of support and information and at times they even act as a friendly shoulder to lean on. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that without the support of Mr. Davis and his staff I would be coming out of this accident confused, frustrated and minus thousands of dollars in medical bills. Mr. Davis and his assistant Liz have been an immeasurable source of knowledge, support, and stability. I honestly don't know what I would have done without them.