Practice Areas

Personal Injury Representation in North Carolina

Located in Asheville, Davis Law Group provides personal injury representation to individuals and their families throughout western North Carolina. For 20 years, attorney Brian Davis has helped hundreds of clients find successful resolutions and obtain compensation that they need for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

At Davis Law Group, our personal injury and wrongful death practice includes:

Car and Truck Accidents

A car or truck accident can cause instant havoc and confusion, even when they are relatively minor. When an accident results in serious injury, that confusion is exponentially increased. At Davis Law Group, we can answer your questions regarding truck, car and motorcycle accidents, including:

Our firm also represents the victims of pedestrian, bicycle and boating accidents in North Carolina. Learn more information by visiting our Motor Vehicle Accidents Information Center.

Defective Products and Premises Liability Cases

When a household product like a toaster or microwave oven sudden bursts into flames while not being used, the manufacturer and seller of that product are probably responsible for any resulting injuries and damages. Product Liability cases can involve just about any item that someone purchases from a business, including child safety seats, motorcycle helmets, washing machines, dryers, ladders, power tools, chain saws, all terrain vehicles, and many others. In addition to handling car and truck accident cases, Davis Law Group also provides representation for people who have been seriously injured by defective or unsafe products, as well as those injured in negligent security accidents and other premises liability accidents.

Our clients' injuries tend to be serious, including:

Other Areas of Practice: Business Litigation and Legal Malpractice

In addition to our personal injury representation, Davis Law Group also provides representation in the areas of business litigation and legal malpractice. Attorney Brian Davis is experienced in the courtroom and knows how to effectively and persuasively present a case to a jury at trial.

When Should You Hire an Attorney

After an accident, the sooner you contact an experienced attorney, the better that attorney will be able to do to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. In most situations where someone is seriously injured, an insurance company and their agents are often hard at work within hours of the injury - interviewing witnesses and documenting evidence that will solidify their position in the case. The injured person may not be able to contact an attorney for days, weeks or possibly months after a serious injury. This delay can be harmful to the injured person's right to recover fair compensation for their injuries. With the passage of time, witnesses' memories fade and evidence often disappears or is destroyed. Contact us at Davis Law Group to schedule a meeting and talk with us about your situation. We take all cases on a contingency basis. You may call our Asheville office toll free at 866-397-2897.